Monday, April 03, 2006

Pokerstars Turbo NL 3.30 buy in 

90 hands played and saw flop:
- 12 times out of 23 while in small blind (52%)
- 14 times out of 23 while in big blind (60%)
- 5 times out of 44 in other positions (11%)
- a total of 31 times out of 90 (34%)

First hand I played was at the 10-20 blind level.

I get K9 and call the blinds. Flop comes 9h9cjh. Everyone checks to me and I bet 60.2 callers. Turn is 7d. I bet out 100 and get 1 caller. River is a 5d. The callers bets 300 and I thought about raising but he could have the straight or the boat so I called and won. He was holding KK.T2090

Same blinds and I call with J10, but raises to 250(12x the bb) so I fold.

I get AA and someone pushes with their last 450 and I call and win the hand. AA-1010

Blinds 100-200. I raise with JJ and collect the blinds

I call a raise to 450 with A9h, but folded after the flop missed me.

Blinds 75-150. I raise with AQ and get the blinds

Blinds 100-200. I get Q10 in the BB. There are 3 callers. Flop comes Q hi, everyone checks. Turn is a 9. I bet out 600 and everyone folds.

Raise with KQ and get the blinds
BLinds 100-200 with A25 I get 22. SHort stack raises and I re raise him all in. He called with J4(?) flop comes 9djd4h(ugh) Turn is 2s(yeaaaaaaaaaa) River is 9h. I take down the pot

Im second in chips at 3800 with 4 people left.

I raise with 4s6s and collect the blindsL

I lose a bit of chips on a A high flop with me holding K8 and him holding K9

I call the bb with 6s9s. Flop comes 9 hi. Everyone checks. I bet 600 on the turn and they fold.

Lost a few more pots and with the blinds so High, Im down to 951 chips with blinds at 300-600

In the BB with 10-3. Someone raises it so I push my last 250 in. He has JJ. Flop comes 53K turn is a 6 and river is 10 to give me the winning 2 pair. T2192

Next hand I get AQ and push. Get a caller with QQ. I turn an A and double up again.Down to 3 players

Raise with A9 and collect the pot

I get KK and just call raise and don't reraise. Flop comes Q hi.He bets 600 and I just call. Turn is a 400. He bets out 400 again and I call. River is a 4> I bet out 1200 he folds.

I have 7900 and the other 2 have under 4000 each.

I knock 1 of them out when My A8 all in preflop against J7 made a boat. 2 left

I raise all in with Aj and collect the pot

We go back and forth for a minute or 2 then I get 99 and raise all in and he calls. I win the pot and the tournament. Now playing a 2.20 buy in 1000 people MTT on stars. Will report on that if anything good happens

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