Saturday, March 25, 2006

Pokerstars 180 people,$4.40 buy in 

I Played this tournament for shits and giggles, just to see how my luck would go, since pokerstars has owned me ever since I started playing. It lasted 2 hours and was generally fun. I played really tight, as you will see by my statistics.

You finished in 10th place (eliminated at hand #4405330894).

163 hands played and saw flop:
- 5 times out of 20 while in small blind (25%)
- 11 times out of 21 while in big blind (52%)
- 13 times out of 122 in other positions (10%)
- a total of 29 times out of 163 (17%)
Pots won at showdown - 4 out of 7 (57%)
Pots won without showdown - 12

Started out with T1500. The first hand I played was QcJs. 3 people called in front of me, so I just limp in. Then someone raised 220. Everyone folds. T1480

I call a minimum raise to 40 in late position with Kc8s.Flop 10 10 2.It's bet and raised to me, SO i fold. T1420

I lose a bit when I get 88. I called a 60 chip raise. The flop came 10 6 6, rainbow. I bet 100 and am flat called.Turns a 7 and I bet 200. Flat called.River J and bet 100, was raised to 600. I thought a second before mucking.T990

My first big win, I limped in with Ac7c. Several callers. Flop 9d 7s Ad. I bet 120 and flat called by 1 person and then another person raises to 270. I think for a minute and decide to push with my top and bottom pair.The original caller calls and the reraiser folds. The caller had K8(what was he thinking) the turn and the river were both 9's to give me the boat and I took down 2790 chips.

The very next hand I get Q9s. I was in late position so I called a 90 chip raise,with 1 caller before me. Flop comes As 7s Jd. Original raiser bets 150 and me and the other fellow call. The turn is 8s, giving me the 2nd nuts. Original better bets 230, I smooth call. River brought 2c. I bet out 540 and he calls and I will another big pot.T4115

Blinds 15/30 now and I get AJ and raise to 90, everyone folds and I take the pot.

I call an all in from a short stack of 150 with 78c and lose to A6.

Blinds 25/50 I get pocket 3's and call the blinds.3 other people call. Flop is 5s jd 3c. Everyone checks. Turn is Kd. Someone bets 100 and gets a caller. I re raise to 400 and the original better calls.River is As. I bet out 500 and get called and I take down a nice pot. T4575

I lose a few pots and am down to T3500

Blinds 50/100 Get KK and raise to 300, everyone folds.

Blinds 50/100 I get AA. Its raise to 300 in front of me, I re raise to 700. He calls. Flop comes 3d,Qs 2c. I bet 1000, he folds I take down 1550.T4150

Blinds 50/100. I re raise a raiser with 82o and he folds.

Blinds 100/200. KQo and raise. take down the pot.

I havn't been playing alot and I get AKs. It's raise to 600 before me, so I bump it up to 2200. 1 Person re raises me to 2393 and the orginal raiser, re raises him all in to 2755. Someone else calls the all in and I'ts 555 to me. I know I beat, but I can't fold for 555 more. So I call. The other hands are as follows. AA, KK, 99 and my AKs. Flop comes 8c Ts 4s.Turn 6d and Im prayin at this point and the Qs on the river brings me my nut flush. to knock 3 players out and I triple up. I won 10,208. WOW

Blinds 100/200. I get Qh7h small blind-1. I call a minimum raise to 400. FLop comes 2h Td Ah. He bets out 800 and I think a minute before finally calling. Turn brings 3H. I bet out 1600 and get called. River Jd. I bet out 2000 and noone calls. I collect 6000

I get A8 and raise and collect the blinds.

I raise with K10 and collect the blinds

Blinds 100/200 A25 I get QQ. It's raised to 600 in front of me and I just call. Flop comes 696. He bets 600 and I raise to 2800 and he fold.

Im sittin at T and am 5th in chips and go card dead 15800

I raise with Arlo and take the blinds and antes

I lose about 2000 with a pair of K3 to KJ on a K hi flop

Blinds 200/400 with A25. I get A10 and call a raise to 1000. Flop 10d 5h Qc. He bets out 600 I raise to 1800 and he calls. Turn 8d. Check check. River brings another 10. I bet out 1200 and he folds

Blinds 200/400 A25. I raise with AQs and I get the blinds

Raise with 27s and collect the blinds

Blinds 300/600 A50. Were all inthe money now.T11500

Raise with AJ and collect the blinds

Im getting blinded down at this point. Everyones playing reckless and Im card dead and can't move cause I know ill be called so I try to wait..... and wait.....

Blinds 400/800 A50. I get A9o in the BB. Its raised in front of me in the SB so I decide to push the rest of my 8000 chips, thinking he might be just pushin folks around. He called with K10s and caught a K on the flop. I knew it was coming. SO I went out 10th and earned me a whopping 8.75 which is double the buy in so I actually made 4 bucks which is 2 dollars an hour. HBT=how bout that

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